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Don't confuse this with an ordinary Audiobook! Our extended-length productions include multiple actors, extensive sound effects, background accents, and full music score. Just like all of our Pulp Radio productions.
We call them "Enhanced", but you'll call them Enthralling!

Catch Me CD set

Catch Me If You Can

The exciting new romantic mystery, penned by popular author Miss Mae.

Washed ashore during a raging hurricane,
Lois Steinberg's shelter, an old plantation house, becomes a terrifying maze
as murders begin to pile up and
Lois races to save her life ...
and keep hidden her mysterious secret.

Deluxe 6-CD set or Instant Download.

6-CD Set:
US$ 23.98
+$2.50 flat shipping

US$ 15.98
instant download

dl_arrow Preview: Catch Me If You Can (1:57)

  2% of all income from 'Catch Me If You Can' is donated to the Murray County Humane Society

What our listeners are saying:

"Grabbed my attention right off the bat!
The characters were amazing!"

"The emotions in the voices and the sound effects are great."

"The voices, the music, and appropriate sounds all blend together
and contribute to the storyline."

"Immediately, I was pulled into the wonderful plot
with its underlying excitement."

"The sound effects ... are amazingly realistic,
transporting the [listener] right in the midst of the story."

"Miss Mae wrote a thrilling story
and Roger Rittner brought it to life with this amazing audio version."

"I was swept into the story by the clunk of footsteps,
the eerie whistling of the wind, objects crashing to the floor."

"The sound effects are a work of genius."

"It took me back to the days before television
when I used to listen to the radio."

"The sound effects are so good that I kept taking my earbuds out
to make sure the sounds were not happening in real life."

"This dramatization brings a whole new dimension
and freshness to the story."

"I usually don't listen to audiobooks,
but I really enjoyed hearing the different voices of the characters."


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